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Guest Information

Creek walking at Pine Grove in Cobb, California

General Info

POOL USE: The pool is open to lodging guests seasonally during daylight hours - if you have friends visiting we ask that they pay the day use fee for the pool if they join you.

BRING WITH YOU: It's a great idea to bring slippers and warm clothing layers. The cabin floors can be cool and the day to night temperature differential steep. Bring pool towels and toys if you are coming in the summer, and water shoes if you want to walk the creek.

QUIET HOURS: 10pm - 8am. Sound travels, especially along the creek, please be considerate of our other guests.

INTERNET/WIFI: Take the time to unwind and disconnect. Cell phone service is spotty and dependent upon your carrier. Wifi is available in cabins and the main campground area and is not available in the treehouse.

FACILITY ACCESS: While we are in the process of rehabilitating Pine Grove certain areas are closed to public access. Please respect all signage. Guests are welcome to use our public facilities including bath houses, picnic grounds and laundry facilities. Please use the designated public creek access when enjoying Cobb Creek at Pine Grove. Respect overnight guest’s privacy by staying on designated roads and paths.

SMOKING: Please smoke only in designated areas, never indoors, and dispose of your cigarette butts.

GARBAGE/TRASH: Please use designated bins for trash and recycling. Dumping of hazardous materials is not permitted anywhere on the property. Help us keep Pine Grove clean and beautiful for all to enjoy.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS: Pine Grove is a safe, child-friendly environment. Please be respectful when consuming alcohol. Illegal drugs are not permitted.

FIREARMS/FIREWORKS: are strictly forbidden

BEHAVIOR: Disorderly conduct, profanity or any act of vandalism is not welcome. Excessive use of alcohol, unruly conduct, disturbances of peace and quiet or willful and careless destruction of property will result in eviction from the premises. 


Pine Grove employees and management reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Applicable laws and ordinances of the city, county and state will be adhered to.

Snow on the creek at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Kids at Pine Grove in Cobb, California


Pine Grove & Kids love each other

We love hosting your kids here at Pine Grove. The safety and container of the space allow kids to explore nature freely, stretching boundaries, learning about themselves and the world around them. There are endless trees to be climbed, paths to be explored, rocks to jump off of and waterways to traverse. Please support your kids in understanding how to respect the space, the trees, the water, the animals, the land, other guests and one another. They look to us to model right relationship with this place, we are counting on you to show them the way.

It should perhaps go without saying but please, no graffiti, no water balloons, leave all plants and animals alive and well, take your garbage with you and leave the place better than you find it. Kids need to be supervised at the pool at all times and under your appropriate supervision elsewhere on the property.

Kids at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Dogs at Pine Grove in Cobb, California


Friendly, well-behaved pets are welcome here

This is a lovely space to enjoy with your dog or cat or ... We will usually honor a request to bring a pet if we can, and space permits. Please make arrangements with us prior to arrival, some accommodations are not a good match for some pets, There is a fee to bring your pet to Pine Grove.

Dogs must be on leash and we ask that you please do not leave them unattended in cabins or vehicles. Pets are not allowed in the pool enclosure.

Pets at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Campfire and kids at Pine Grove in Cobb, California


When safe, we love hosting your campfire

Campfire at Pine Grove in Cobb, California

Lake county and surrounding areas of California have had a rough number of years with wildfires - because of this there may be times that we ask that absolutely no fires be made on the property. 

In seasons when it is safe to have a fire, we ask that you have a ground fire only in our approved campfire pit after getting some information from us about using our space safely. 

Barbecues are fine to use as is our cob over - great for pizzas and anything else you can dream up. 

Please no candles, no solo fire pits, smoke responsibly (throwing all waste in a receptacle).

If you need help with any of these things just let us know.

Cob oven in the snow at Pine Grove in Cobb, California

Cob Oven

...not just for pizza

Our covered cob oven is fantastic for pizza. Guests are welcome to use the oven. We can help you get it started or just head you in the right direction. 

It takes a couple of hours for the fire to be hot enough to cook, so plan ahead. 

Cob oven at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Snapdragons in the garden at Pine Grove in Cobb, California

Organic Garden

We have been exploring organic gardening for many years - and have spent the last 10 years of our time here expanding our capacity for growing our own food.

We believe in food as essential nourishment and healing and value the process of gardening and communing with the land in this way as well as the delicious products of our hard work.

We are also avid foragers, and make seasonal specialties at home using what naturally grows here as "weeds" - cleavers lemonade in the spring, chickweed and miners lettuce in our salads, shepherds purse snacks.

We also value natural herbal medicine and both grow and forage for our overall well being - mullein for ears, plantain for wounds and stings, comfrey for poultices.

We'd love to share our garden and our space with you if you are interested and would be thrilled to exchange wisdom and information anytime.

Chives in the garden at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Chick at Pine Grove in Cobb, California

Fresh Eggs

Pasture Raised Organic Chickens

We are happy to share fresh eggs from our happy and friendly pasture raised organic chickens when we have enough to share, cabins will have eggs in them, let us know if you need more.

Our chickens have a diet of scratch and peck feed, partially fermented, as well as fresh barley fodder. 

Chickens at Pine Grove in Cobb, California
Honeybee in the clover at Pine Grove in Cobb, California


Local Honey from our bees
at the Rainbow Apiary

Update - as of 2023 we are no longer keeping bees - we do have some delicious reserve honeycomb from past harvests still available until we sell out.


We've been experimenting with keeping bees here for the past few years with mixed success. We have some incredibly delicious honeycomb and honey from our (and their) efforts and are finding it difficult to support our bees in overwintering here in the cold.


It continues to be a grand experiment but ultimately we are interested and committed to supporting an environment in which bees can happily thrive and coexist with us to continue creating this incredibly beautiful world around us.

If you are interested in getting honey or honeycomb from our bees we often have some available for sale.

Rainbow apiary at Pine Grove in Cobb, California


Lodging fees are due at the time of booking. Cancellations thirty days or more in advance of reservation are refundable less a $50 service fee. Cancellations less than thirty days are non-refundable. We will make an effort to reimburse your fees if another guest uses your dates after cancellation.

Cancellation policy
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