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About us

Joe and Noah moved to Cobb in 2012 after living in the East Bay for many years. Elias was born in 2013 and Isaiah  in 2018. We were drawn here by a longing to connect more deeply as a family with one another and live a life connected to the natural world. We spend our time restoring and renovating this beautiful place while exploring sustainability, community, integrity and growth.

About Us
History of Pine Grove

Pine Grove began as a campground in the late 1800's. The original spring fed swimming pool was built in 1923 and remains much the same to this day. Cabins were built slowly over time and for many years now Pine Grove has hosted guests in cabins, camping and a mobile home park. This location has been a summer retreat for families and friends to gather since it's inception, and  many generations of families have enjoyed it. There is a vast community around the world who consider this space to be a home away from home.  

Lake County's Complicated History

We acknowledge that the land we caretake is part of the ancestral territory of the Pomo, Lake Miwok and Wappo peoples, who lived sustainably in the area for over 10,000 years. These people were largely displaced and eliminated as part of the white wave of genocide-against native people-in-the-name-of-progress that swept the country. The history we live with here is obviously not unique nor localized to time or place but is an ongoing movement towards progress that involves the subjugation of others.

From our perspective this history disturbs our sense of right relationship to land “ownership” and caretaking the land. We will continue to be in an inquiry around how to respectfully honor and navigate our care of this space in light of this history.

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