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The times they are a changin’. We know that many of you are wanting to know when the pools will be open for daily use. Please know that we are working diligently to find a structure that supports the health and well being of all of our guests and at the same time is manageable for us. This will necessitate some changes to how the facilities have been used pre-COVID.

As a preface, as recently as the last couple of weeks, we had no idea if we were going to be able to open at all before August. Now we are faced with the prospect of some kind of opening during 4th of July week with the actual 4th looming on a Saturday. What is a 4th of July celebration supposed to look like in a COVID world? What does a safe pool environment with children look like in a COVID world? These are open questions for us at this point.

Some have suggested that those of us that are adhering to physical distancing and not touching or getting close to others should probably just not come to the pools. We hope to have a facility that allows folks that are being more careful the ability to be here safely. At the same time we want to offer a venue for those of us with a more laissez faire attitude to have fun without endangering others. We would like this to work for everyone that wants to be here. We feel that what is on offer here is medicine for all.

The big pool now has a capacity of 30 people (down from 127). The 2 kiddie pools are limited to one family unit per pool. The spring pool, cold pool, will be limited to 7 persons. Physical distancing of 6 feet or more will be possible by limiting the number of people inside the gate and by implementing, if needed, a layout of circles on the lawn for personal space for family units and individuals with adequate spacing for safety.

We do not anticipate selling season passes, as we think it is unlikely that we will be able to tell you what the season will look like. In terms of a schedule, the pools will not be open Mondays or Tuesdays for daily use. For now we are going to take it one day at a time. We intend to be open from 11:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1 for Cobb residents and property owners only. This will serve as a trial run for us, in hopes that we can have a scaled down healthy, festive celebration here on the 4th.

For now, our daily admission prices will remain unchanged at $9 general admission and $6 for children age 12 and under. Until we have more clarity around our schedule we will not be offering 7-admission passes at a discounted rate. However, we are instituting a discount of $2 off our posted rates for Cobb residents and property owners. Your out of town guests will be asked to pay general admission prices.

One key to our ability to have a sustainable, recreational destination will be adequately supervised children. Please read all rules and communicate them clearly to your children prior to entering the facility. We ask that in order for children to be supervised that adults be responsible for at most 2 children. Guests will be expected to take turns in the water when we are busy. If it seems beneficial we will have certain regular times throughout the day that are adult swim only.

There will also be some changes to our menu and food offerings. We intend on having plenty of refreshing beverages and yummy delights. There will not be a water station. You are welcome to bring in one water bottle. No outside food or drink allowed inside pool enclosure. Absolutely no alcohol or coolers. We hope to have an enhanced picnic area outside the pool gate for you to consume any food and beverages you bring with you.

These times have motivated us to expand our garden and we will soon have 13 laying hens. We hope to incorporate our amazing organic produce into our menu.

We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers that have helped us prepare the land and the expressions of encouragement.

On a more personal note, Noah, Elias and Isaiah have been living at PG since March. In May, we lost our beloved Anatolian Shepard, Tas Khale. Her absence is deeply felt by us.

We acknowledge that some of us may not like the movements of change sweeping through our lives and in this small corner called Pine Grove. One thing we can assure you of is that we are fully committed, all-in, to use our collective life force to caretake this land and to invite others to share in the bounty of this oasis. We are committed to do our best to enhance the health, quality of life and economic vitality of Cobb and it’s inhabitants.


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